Name: Era

Age: 21+

Pronouns: She/her

A gif of Nero Claudius from Fate/Extra Last Encore with her hair coming undone. A gif of Koyanskaya from Fate/Grand Order closing her eyes in relief. A gif of Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx throwing her head back.

I like pretentious things and divisive sequels. Terrible people in fiction are my favorites, and I love toxic, problematic ships. One of my main hobbies is writing about all of that. It's a good time.

Fun Facts:

My cat is very cute. I have a crippling addiction to writing in present tense. Pathetic boys are cute. Terrible girls are cute. I own 80+ Yugioh keychains.

Please mind the content warning on the homepage!

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Questions & Answers

  1. What's a Hymmnos?
  3. What the hell is with the inconsistent capitalization across the site?
  4. Why the Roman numerals?
  5. Your site looks incorrect/weird/etc. on my browser.
  6. Anything else?

What's a Hymmnos?

Well! Hymmnos (sometimes mistranslated as Hymnos) is a conlang created for the Ar tonelico game series. It'll definitely be represented on my page at some point! iIt's a very dear series to me, especially Ar tonelico 2. but, Hymmnos is one of the most creative and intriguing conlangs I've encountered.

Hymmnos' script is more-or-less analogous to the Latin script. (e.g. Hymmnos' script uses equivalents to all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet, both capitalized and uncapitalized. Once you understand the very basics, it romanizes very smoothly--and makes the enduring mistranslations like "Hymnos" a bit galling!) When I was younger, I tried to learn how to write in the Hymmnos alphabet. Love it dearly, but it is not very efficient for writing by hand. (long story, but my goal was to be able to work on creative writing in public spaces without worrying that someone could lean over my shoulder and peek on what I was working on. I especially do not recommend the Hymmnos script for this purpose. Seriously. It is slow as hell to handwrite.)

The grammar and vocabulary are some of my favorite things about Hymmnos. The central conceit of Hymmnos is the emphasis it puts on the speaker's emotions. "Emotion sounds" are what begin most sentences in Hymmnos; each are used to define the particular emotion, the intensity of the emotion, and the duration or context of the emotion. It's a beautifully intimate structure utilized for the basic grammar. There are even multiple dialects and predecessor conlangs constructed for Ar tonelico! While Hymmnos isn't feasible for more casual usage, it's incredibly compelling in its intended context.

The real stunner for Hymmnos, though, are the songs that use it. In Ar tonelico, Hymmnos is primarily the language of a race of people known as Reyvateils. They use Hymmnos in their songs to interface with song servers to create song magic. The world building is a lot more complicated, so I'll leave off here linking a few of my favorite hymns:


tl;dr a conlang from the Ar tonelico game series that I really like (as you might guess by the name of my site).

Exec_hibernation/. & Method_implanta/. Explained.

OUTDATED: This was only relevant to ver. 1.0-3.0 of Hymmnos' layout, but I wanted to retain it because I love talking about Ar tonelico!

Please read the above (rambling) explanation on Hymmnos--or check out the fanwiki article on Hymmnos--before reading further.

Hibernation and Implanta are both hymns from Ar tonelico 2 (aka my personal favorite of the trilogy!) and more or less complementary in their purposes. Hibernation's ulimate usage was to detach the souls of the people of Metafalss (the game's setting) from their bodies and store them as data. Hibernation is halted partway through being sung. The damage caused by it is then rectified through the singing of Implanta which acts as a backup restoration to the server.

If that sounds complicated without any knowledge of Ar tonelico, then uh...don't worry about it! Because there really isn't any deeper meaning to me using the names of both songs in the sidebar. I just really like Hibernation and wanted more overt Ar tonelico references (beyond just naming the site after the series' main conlang). Hibernation and Implanta are complementary, so they work nicely in tandem!

The division between what sections get filed under each also isn't that deep. Hibernation is about detaching souls; it's a bit more internally focused, so I use it as a header for any site section more focused on myself. Implanta rolls back the state of the server and is used in the story to undo the damage done to the minds of the Reyvateils connected to that server. So, it's a bit more external in practice? Or, well, enough so that it works for my purposes, and I can justify filing any section that is more outward and less focused on myself under it.

Both songs are absolutely amazing, though, and you should listen to them! (Hibernation / Implanta.)

What the hell is with the inconsistent capitalization across the site?

Sooo, when I first started on Hymmnos, it was very casual--and it still is very casual! I prioritized just getting something out, so I typed as I normally would in casual circumstances (aka all lowercase). But, I have since decided that the most important pages should ideally be as accessible as possible. Proper capitalization is important for that. Thus, important pages have proper capitalization.

This is not true for most other pages, including my blog posts and anything on my thoughts page. Those are still primarily very casual and largely for me. Others are more than welcome to take a gander (the internet is ultimately for sharing!), but I like to keep it informal and low pressure for me working on it all.

Why the Roman numerals?

The Final Fantasy series committed numerous acts of psychic damage on me starting from a young age. I'm not going to let all the effort my very young self put into learning that L meant 50 to the ancient Romans go to waste!

I'm also pretentious, but mostly it was having FFVIII be a formative early media experience for me.

Your site looks incorrect/weird/etc. on my browser.

I use and test my code on Firefox! I am firmly an amateur, so if my code works on Firefox, that's usually a victory for me. And then it's a double victory when it turns out to look all right on my phone because I've been betrayed by Responsive Design Mode in the past.

I don't test on other browsers, so I apologize and hope you'll forgive anything that looks wonky on your non-Firefox browser!

Anything else?

As of now, nope! I'm only so interesting, and only so interested in talking about myself in detail. I am more than happy to make friends and chat! You can reach out to me on Tumblr and ask for my Discord if you are so inclined.

I am but a girl who enjoys her problematic fiction and talking far too much about it and her blorbos and her otps.