December 11, 2022

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late evening
Mood cranky
Listening n/a

it is so, so, so, so, so frustrating trying to emotionally process any type of negative feeling for me, or working myself out mentally when i hit a brick wall and am Done. i don't want people to coddle and baby me. i don't want people to fuss over me. i think i've hit a point currently where i just want to be told that "all right, that's fine" and then be allowed to split because i want to be alone. i can barely process my own emotions in a healthy way much less deal at the same time with being conscious of how i'm acting to anyone near me. i just want to be alone!! leave me alone!! i don't want to reassure you or need to explain how i'm feeling and why. i just want to be alone so that i can actually fucking recharge.

i overexerted myself socially this weekend. ヾ(•ω•`)o

Media BS

  1. polished off yugioh s0. miho is the best character and i love her. otherwise, there honestly isn't too much that fans are missing with s0. i really am not a fan of ogata megumi as yugi either lol. i like her atem/yami, but i do not like her yugi.
  2. dropped the kubikiri cycle anime partway into episode 2. i'd rather reread the novel for the first time in yeaaars before trying to watch it again.
  3. i'm playing omori right now. i'm very much enjoying it.