December 28, 2022

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time afternoon
Mood eye pain
Listening ort grand battle theme from fate/grand order

i want to get in the habit of blogging here even when my mental health is not crying quietly while stretched out on the floor, face down and refusing to get up.

so, ahhh, let's see...i haven't been writing really, but that's okay because i just haven't been much in the mood and haven't felt like forcing it. my eye pain is on and off and hitting particularly right now. i don't really enjoy having to ask my mom to walk our dog in the afternoon in place of me, but just getting through work and then my hour-long commute home is trying. orz

Media BS

  1. blitzed through volumes 3 and 4 of grandpa (aka heaven official's blessing). the translation's prose still leaves a lot to be desired from me, but i'm sufficiently invested in my beloved grandpa and his eventual husband. c'mon, xie lian! poor hua cheng has the most obvious crush on you!
  2. i read through all of arcueid's route in the original tsukihime. her vampire brain is full of rocks, and i want her to be happy!!
  3. i also binge read all of the narutaru manga, and woof. woof. narutaru. hoshimaru is so shaped, and i'm obsessed with when he just randomly is shown grabbing a pack of cigarettes and then sitting with an unlit one in his mouth. i love him...
  4. i cleared the first chapter of slow damage as well. really dig its presentation, though i'm mourning that the old man with the tiddy cleavage is not a route option. this is clearly a personal slight against me.