November 23, 2022

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late morning
Mood still tired 😩
Listening the weird psychology of shiny pokemon
  1. i miss my other med. :(
  2. i keep pingponging on if i want to copy these journal entries over to my dreamwidth (so that it can get some actual use beyond fic exchanges), but i am Weirdly Spooked by the thought of my thoughts being more...accessible? not that this site is locked or anything, but it feels a bit more private. ...but i also will just toss random thoughts up on tumblr or twitter, so it's some kind of weird mental sense of...idek. 😔
  3. mostly journaling here today because it helps curb my brain vibrating for social interaction because i know it's going to stress me out hardcore rn. hhhhhhhh.

Media BS

  1. ohhh that delicious serotonin rush of rolling gacha. i got the clown in fgo. he is leveled. i still need to start heian-kyo, and i don't want to put it off for months like i did with lb5.1 and 5.2 (atlantis is easily one of my favorite story experiences this year), but i want to finish reading dragalia lost first. ibuki banner soon...
  2. just a few more nodes to be totally done with sn in arknights.