November 26, 2022

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late night
Mood exhaustedly resigned
Listening the dumbest boy alive
  1. i miss my other med. i miss it a lot. i miss it, tails. i miss it like it's my wife, like it's my child, like it's my dignity. i miss it.
  2. seriously my brain just fucking sucks right now, and i don't enjoy dipping out of basically every social interaction, but i'm dodging and weaving ocd triggers like an olympic athlete.
  3. i'm half looking forward to work on monday because at least that is something to fill the day that isn't me just hoping i can get my refill soon. i am unsurprisingly sleeping a lot more now that the withdrawal has fully hit my brain.

Media BS

  1. i finished dragalia lost. it was tremendously charming. what a fantastic localization. it had all the charm i would love to see in a classic jrpg. the ending made me cry a bit, and ahhh, the royal family of children... i just think emile would make a great communal family hole! he craves attention of any sort, so i think this would be a good and appropriate use of him. u_u (and would also make him shut up.)
  2. my desperation to have something occupy my mind has led me to make a list of everything i have started and not finished and roll a die to decide which one to dive into. orz
  3. code vein won the first die roll! ...and then i hit the cathedral and had put overall fifteen hours into the game, and i'm just...not having that much fun. making my silly anime vampire girl was entertaining (and what convinced me to buy the game was the character creator lmao), but the writing is lackluster and the presentation has leaned into the cheese in a way that appeals to me. i don't like the gameplay of soulslikes, as well, so i had been using mods to make it less of a slog. code vein is just not a game for me, so i'm fighting past my completitionism to tuck it away.
  4. rolled the die again, and i guess now i'm gonna finally finish reading the first volume of heaven official's blessing. i need to read all of mxtx's books at some point per my agreement with my best friend (assuming she even finishes chainsaw man as i am owed :v). the very bland prose doesn't really absorb me, but i like grandpa xie lian in tgcf. he's a good grandpa...nobody be mean to him.