November 30, 2022

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late evening
Mood anxious
Listening saeed by infected mushroom
  1. i've finally had my med back for about two-ish days now. it's hard to tell if my anxiety and ocd are being a bit better managed now or if it's just the placebo effect because i am so relieved to be taking it again. i can sort of be social again, but my intrusive thoughts still aren't great.
  2. in good news! i am super pumped that i should have my car paid off in a few months finally! it's still running well, so i hopefully won't have to worry about replacing it for awhile longer yet!

Media BS

  1. currently about halfway through the second volume of heaven official's blessing. xie lian is still my cute grandpa doing his best (even when he might have done crimes). no bulli. the basic beats are an entertaining enough read thus far, but i feel like that is partly just me having given up on reading that closely. the writing basically spells out everything, so i don't really need to think much. i should probably be kinder on the quality of the prose considering that it originated as a webnovel and those are intended for quick and easy consumption, i wouldn't have stuck with it if not for the fact i promised my best friend i'd read all of mxtx's books in exchange for her reading chainsaw man.
  2. yu yu hakusho got rolled once i finished that first volume of tgcf. i was already about halfway through it (right by the end of the dark tournament arc), and currently, i have about 15 or so episodes left before i can polish the whole show off. it has been nice getting to watch hunter x hunter's big brother! yusuke/kuwabara is ridiculously real... they both did the "dying (or seeming to die) to make the other power up in a fit of extreme emotion"! they love each other!! ;_;