December 14, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time afternoon, on the later end
Mood 24/7 tired
Listening kids in the corner (goodboys remix) by amber van day

can't really tell if my eye pain is making a comeback because the temperature has been from seasonal allergies getting set off by the up-and-down temperature lately, orrrrrrr... :( i need to find another chiro, or physical therapist. the chiro i saw earlier this year did succeed at reducing my pain, and while i did stop seeing him in part because my pain had become much more manageable, it was mostly due to my insurance refusing to cover some sessions. i still haven't heard about any payments i owe for that, so... but it has me nervous that some surprise payments are going to pop up and bankrupt me lmao...

i should probably start being more proactive in taking painkillers again when the aching hits. ╯︿╰ the pain tanks my ability to get pretty much anything done during the day, and i don't need another reason contributing to my Oh God Death Is Inevitable And My Time On This Earth Is Finite crisis.

it'll be okay! ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Media BS

  1. i finished my replay of tyranny! i definitely want to try playing again soon so i can do a new route. the world building still hits like crack cocaine to my apotheosis-fascinated mind, and sirin and lantry are the best. whew, though, act 3 goes by so fast and then the game is over. it really is a pity that tyranny didn't garner more attention because i'd really love to see more in this setting!
  2. ahhhh, low-key obscenely proud of myself for finally starting ghost of tsushima!!! i nabbed it for my ps4 early this year after being tempted by descriptions of the uncle/nephew relationship at its center then...just didn't touch it. once i get to move out next year, i'd like to use my ps4 (and eventual ps5 because i cannot survive a world where ffvii rebirth gets spoiled for me!!!!!!) more. (‾◡◝) i just...don't really like to play games when either of my parents are in the living room downstairs because i'm wildly self-conscious. (never forget when i was playing nier gestalt as a wee era and my mom walked in to be confused over why i was weeping over a book.) it's just nicer to be alone or only at risk of amanda being present. i only got through the prologue-ish bits thus far, but i've been very impressed by the visuals. how realistic things look barely matters to me, but the use of color and framing of shots...mmm, good stuff!
  3. fgo... ahaha...pretend i'm not making panicked noises because the santa martha event is ending today or tomorrow and i haven't even started it. i have been extremely slow to play the last few events and need to get back in the rhythm!!