December 19, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time morning
Mood i still need to eat breakfast
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always so torn on how much of my irl self is okay to bleed over into my online self. (˘・_・˘) not that it's a major consideration since i've met with online friends before and will pretty quickly tell new friends my irl name, but my cat is really cute and i see others make pages dedicated to their pets... i don't want to linger on how even cats are afflicted with mortality, but it's a nice thing to do for memory's sake maybe... i usually avoid posting any pictures of my cat publically because i'm convinced he's recognizable, but that could also just be me being blinded by sheer love for him. of course he's the cutest and sweetest and most recognizable cat in the world. have you seen him? you'll remember him then.

he went to the vet yesterday for his yearly checkup, and he! was! so! good! he's a gentle, albeit anxious, boy, so he'll never scratch or bite when it comes time to go in the carrier, but he will struggle. this time, though? oh, darling boy walked right in when i brought him over! i was so proud! \^o^/ and then he proceeded to meow meow like the saddest little boy in the world for the whole trip there and back and in the waiting room. good bill of health for my son...

been thinking on some other stuff and the degree of sharing i feel comfortable with. it's weird that i've gotten maybe a bit more paranoid about this as i've gotten older. currently 30, so i began using the internet in the era where you were warned to never share personal information online no matter what! that attitude, i don't know if i'd say "changed" or more so "shifted" because it still feels like a default wisdom on some level, but not if you're having a professional presence online or on sites like facebook, those sort of things expect you to maintain an online version of your real self within reason. we've accepted the connection between real life and the internet to that point. i guess i'd say it's changed mostly for the younger generation that i see with lists of their mental illnesses and triggers on carrd or whatever because nooooo, don't put that all there! and i thought i was loose about my personal security online! it's the opposite of weird to not do that! there can be a balance in being an authentic version of yourself and not informing someone on how to hurt you!

man, i'm hungry and yawning. i should finish this then go by that nice local coffee place. (fingers crossed they have chocolate croissants!!)

Media BS

  1. wow, the uncle/nephew in ghost of tsushima. (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) that's the good shit. uncle loves jin and expresses his care through layers of samurai stoicism. he can't lose you again, jin! also stop hanging around that peasant lady. she is clearly a bad influence!!
  2. cranked out some last-minute boxes for the santa martha lotto in fgo. santa martha was much cuter than i expected... nice little event. YANYAN HOT MESS EVENT SOOOOON.