February 2, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late evening
Mood slightly fatigued
Listening more bob's burgers rewatch

cell phones and variable screen sizes were the absolute worst thing that ever happened to the internet and were a personal attack on me because god, i do not enjoy coding responsive designs. visual art is not my strong suit in general, so having to then ensure my slight bits of creativity are feasible on mobile is just...pain peko. i'm dying, squirtle. put me out of my misery.

i am still happy that i did try coding a 2.0! i'm still so new at coding html and css, but it's really been a fun ride thus far, and boy...directing my online energy into making something for myself like this site is far better for me mentally than refreshing twitter lmao. much as i do miss getting to chat with some twitter mutuals, i am glad i have actually succeeded at detaching from twitter as much as i have. i disliked like every change Certain New Leadership was making and just didn't enjoy knowing extremely unsavory folks were being permitted back on the site. tumblr is a nicer alternative for my microblogging needs... the fact it doesn't have a little number that pops up to tell me exactly how many likes or retweets/reblogs i've gotten is waaay less abusive to my brain.

in other news, i really need to adult up and contact my doctor. i need to get back on birth control. the week or so prior to my period has been rife with extreme lethargy and brutal headaches for me the last two months... adulting...i'm gonna adult...yeah.

Media BS

  1. my bob's burgers rewatch is technically ongoing because i did finish watching everything...but i felt like i didn't really absorb everything from s10-13 too well, and bob's burgers is such good background noise...so i'm in the process of rewatching all of that again lmao.
  2. i intended to finish slow damage at the start of january. it is not the start of february, and i still have the vast majority of fujieda's route to go...ha...ha...sob.
  3. i continue to read some sherlock holmes short stories! i can't say i have much to comment on them individually, but i've been enjoying it.