January 14, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time evening
Mood the emotion that is "headache"?
Listening bob's burgers rewatch

i don't know what the hell i caught, but it's some kind of unholy spawn made by shoving stomach issues and a horrid headache in a pot and then shaking it like the pot is my head and my brain is inside it because that's how i feel when i move. i am so tired, and i think i unintentionally uninstalled discord on my phone last night??? it's...gone. poof.

i think i'm going to haul myself upstairs to maybe try and do more notetaking for mental health stuff because i find that soothing. even though i've been in headache hell, my brain is like BUT WHEN DID YOU LAST TALK TO PEOPLE, and i would prefer not to ruminate right now. i have a gun pointed at mental illness, and i will shoot.

Media BS

  1. at the height of my wooziness, i blitzed through volume 5 of tgcf. pray for grandpa. he's a good grandpa.
  2. i've been doing one of those substack things for all the sherlock holmes short stories throughout this year, and the first two have been fun enough!
  3. bob's burgers good comfort for ill brain.