June 14, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time morning
Mood dread
Listening RADICAL DREAMERS ~盗めない宝石~ from chrono cross

this last week, christ alive...

so, risperidone was shit for how absurdly fatigued it made me, and hoo boy! it's sibling ziprasidone also came for my ass. i somehow ended up with an obscenely niche side effect of...i don't know what to call it, temporary chronic paresthesia? it was worst in my left hand and made it weirdly sensitive to the point of pain. it's still affecting me now, but it's slowly fading since i stopped taking ziprasidone.

thanks, insurance! i sure am glad that i had to take those before you would consider whether to give me what my psych originally wanted to prescribe!

antipsychotics were sitting so badly with me, though, that my psych decided to hop over to a different class of medication. so i was supposed to have that prescribed to me yesterday, but my insurance is giving me shit again.

i'm so done. this bullshit is just making me even more depressive.

here's to my insurance hopefully not making me go through another round of "here is similar medication that your psych wanted to prescribe you, but not the same one (that she thought would be the best fit for you) because these are cheaper! ❤️

...i just wish i could manage to write. :( finding energy to do anything has been so hard.

Media BS

  1. i caught up on witch from mercury. shaddiq/miorine real, and i'm not delusional!
  2. i finally started the tv series for gundam 0079. amuro is so cute, and i want him to never know a moment of peace, only child soldier trauma.
  3. currently playing a bl visual novel called tokyo onmyoji that i picked up randomly while it was on sale last year. i think my opinion will end up pretty middle of the road, but i am enjoying it well enough thus far.