March 8, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time afternoon
Mood neutral...?
Listening joseph anderson plays persona 5: abridged | part 6

february was a tiring month. i had a lot of moments where i wanted to update my silly webbed site, but finding the energy and motivation was a lot harder than i would have liked it to be. i'm still a bit in that place mentally. not as severely, but man...i really struggle with pacing myself still. it's very easy for me to become fixated on If I Am Socializing Enough And Doing It Well and that can easily plunge me into rumination hell.

bleh. i'll just keep chugging along as best i can.

also, a moment of silence for my old laptop. poor fucker bit the dust last week...very unfortunately for my wallet as i use my personal laptop at work. rest in pieces, old friend...

Media BS

  1. oh boy, gonna try to remember everything i poked at in february for this... let's start recent! i finished ai: the somnium files a few days ago! overall, i liked it, but it has some serious issues for me in the structural and pacing aspects. ota is also fucking awful. fuck ota. date/aiba otp. <3< /li>
  2. slow damage! i finally wrapped that up early in february! fujieda's route was excellent, but the real start of the show continues to be the protagonist, towa. simply my favorite nitro+chiral mc. i just wish the release was less unstable. i have never had an official release of a visual novel crash like this one did.
  3. keeping up with the visual novels, i also was so determined to not take another month on a long one that i tore through all of baldr sky in two weeks. this is not a choice i recommend to anyone sane. it was fun, though! definitely an eroge, but a very ambitious one.
  4. heike monogatari is an utterly gorgeous anime, and if you can binge it in a single day (it's only 11 episodes), it concludes beautifully.
  5. okay, i'm blanking on much else, but i did also start playing limbus company and am currently reading a script extraction of kagetsu tohya.