May 18, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time early afternoon
Mood craving lunch...
Listening The [Queer] Politics of Eurovision

more regular blogging!! let's get back in the habit!! blog hard or die trying!!

it's been a few months. i'm trying to recall everything that i would have wanted to talk about hereā€¦

mental health has been up and down per usual. i think the increased dosage for one of my meds has been giving me brain fog after taking it, so until i hear back from my doctor, i'll keep taking only been taking my evening dose. šŸ«  not the ideal choice, but i really can't function through the brain fog. the inconsistent ocd spikes will simply be life for a bit longerā€¦

i'm so happy in other medical news, though! i've never wanted to have children and the mere thought of being pregnant is nauseating to me, so i decided even though i'm ace, fuck it. i'd rather remove the possibility entirely from my life. the surgeon i spoke to for a consult was incredibly nice and and respectful about my decision. it was really refreshing when i hear so many horror stories of people inquiring about tubal ligations and having to fight tooth and nail to get it. less great is that my dad decided he apparently just needs to have his own opinion on my choice despite me being a full-ass adult. oh well for him because i'm looking forward to having this procedure done this summer! šŸ„°

there is a lot more i wanted to talk about, but i keep putting off on posting a new blog because of this shall be a short little friend to evade further procrastination!

i need to start working on assembling my sign up for nonconathon, too, if i want to do that this year...