May 29, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time noon
Mood a bit impatient
Listening cool moment | Jedi Survivor Stream 6 (condensed joseph anderson stream)

two things for which i hunger:

as for the first of those, today is both fortunately and unfortunately a holiday here in the states. three-day weekend! nice! but that also means that my doctor's office is not open today. 🫠 not that i want anyone to lose their day off, but i'm basically only not a pile of ruminating mush because i've largely barred myself from going on social media. i would love to talk to my friends on discord (and very much miss doing so), but socialization is such a trigger for my intrusive thoughts. being on something where i can see numbers and start to ruminate weird comparisons between my Social Success and that of others is very...🫠.

neocities can sort of trigger that response, but it's much more muted here despite the greater site's socmed-ish features. redirecting myself back over to coding new pages or whatever is more sufficiently engrossing than me just staring at discord or scrolling idly through tumblr. i've been having a lot of fun working on hymmnos! i'm really glad i picked this up as a hobby after being inspired by my friend syn. i have try and not be too annoying in implying to my friends that they should also learn html and css lmao.

brain has been okay otherwise because i've been so reclusive ultimately. haaaa...fingers crossed i finally hear back about scheduling for that e-consult tomorrow.

as for nonconathon, i reaaaaaally wanna know for sure that i got the assignment i gamed so hard for! it has to be that one, but ahh...i hope assignments get sent out soon!

Media BS

  1. i finished fire emblem engage! that last chapter was such a pure cheesefest in the best of ways. certainly not without flaws, but i feel very warmly about engage. much as fe16's blue lions/azure moon is some of my absolute favorite fire emblem stuff in the entire franchise, i think engage is edging fe16 out as a complete product. what a slog the repeat maps were by the end of fe16 for me cannot be understated...
  2. currently dragging myself through vol. 1 of the mo dao zu shi novels. i wish i was less picky about prose, but is a fucking pity still that this was the official localization that we got in english. reading even part of fanyiyi's incomplete translation makes me weep.