November 13, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time afternoon
Mood still pretty exhausted
Listening trucks backing up outside

not quite recovered, but fucking woof, i spent the last week absolutely dead with the Maybe Flu. my dad brought something home, and his inability to cough resulted in it spreading per usual. my mom was fortunate enough not to catch it, but rest in pieces, era...

fever, vomiting, congestion, coughing--truly, it was a week to be alive and suffering. i don't think i've been this sick from one bug for a long while. i'm still so tired. even working only a partial day has me readier for a nap than normal.

poor dog also was having health issues this week. something irritated her tail (i don't remember what exactly because my mom told me while i was sick as balls!), and she licked and worried it into a bigger problem. thus, she was stuck with the dreaded cone. she's also doing better!

man, i really did even less than usual last week because i was so sick lmao. on monday, i had gotten started on revising my tagging system in calibre for my library of fic. i had been populating the metadata with whatever the input was on ao3, but it wasn't consistent with the tagging i use on a bookmarking service and that Bothered Me So Much. so despite it being way more effort overall, i caved because hhhhhhh clean and harmonious tagging. :)))