November 28, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time pre-bedtime
Mood head empty more or less
Listening i have no mouth, but i must traffic

haaaaaa, it is truly the holiday season, and my wallet is truly empty. i still have so many gifts left to buy and owe my mom and sibling money for gifts were both/all going in on. and i would probably have more money if i hadn't chosen to browse toranoana and been tempted by the wonderful goods on display, but i deserve all of those doujinshi, okay! everything i picked up was either aki/denji from chainsaw man (i am finally reaping the benefits of the anime amplifying my csm otp. not a fan of the anime, but i will take the doujin where denji looks sufficiently scrungy) or lauda/guel from gundam: witch from mercury (somehow!! the most enduring thing about gwitch for me was the goddamn incest...). i'm very excited to have them all in my hands! (●ˇ∀ˇ●)

i know it's very much a cultural (and legal) difference between how eastern and western fandom operates, but i wish japanese fanworks like doujinshi didn't tend to be so ephemeral. there's some shirou/kirei doujin i would love to get my mitts on, but i've had no luck with finding a copy for sale yet. in a beautiful, ideal world, everyone would be able to share their fanworks online without fear of lawsuits or shitty people stealing your hard work.

so much appreciation for how much easier ordering these more niche kinds of goods has gotten as someone overseas! toranoana having a forwarding service they direct you to and surugaya just...machine translating the entire site lmao--they're both quite convenient despite some clumsiness.

i just need to stop eyeballing a lunar series official guidebook on surugaya now...

Media BS

  1. hhhhh, i need to get back into the swing with fgo. both summer 6 and gudaguda 6, i binged in the final few days of the event and then read through the event mats. orz i was miserably sick for most of gudaguda 6's runtime, so i guess i can't blame myself too much...
  2. i started a new playthrough of pathfinder wotr... i have so many games i should start or should finish, but wotr really worked for me. actually knowing the characters makes it so much funnier when the second line of the entire game is daeran suggesting they dump your body in a ditch.
  3. crept back into my tyranny replay as of the other day, but i've just been in too bad of a mood to really game much. i can get obnoxiously irritable before my period, and i know that is what is happening. :|