October 22, 2023

Tsugumi from Orient.
Time late afternoon
Mood lazy 🥱
Listening i'm rewatching bob's burgers again this year and you can't stop me

long time no blog.

there's a lot i don't feel comfortable voicing on any even slightly public space online, but ahaha...man. if you ever start anything that could be taken as a new religion, please don't involve me. i'm burnt out and will forever be burnt out on that front.

none of it was fun. it all sucked. i'm largely quite over it, but just...yeah lmao. i don't want to experience anything similar again if possible. i didn't like it. ✌️

Media BS

  1. shoutout to baldur's gate 3 for being like crack cocaine for all of august. its semi-open-world style is an ideal for me. nicely sized maps with very solid density of things to do. (acts 2 and 3 aren't as strong as act 1 in that regard, but still some of the best balance i've played in a game with an open world.) i wasn't crazy about it to start with, but i've definitely cooled a bit more on it the last two months. fun game! but i'm very underwhelmed by the reactivity on the writing end. larian as a studio has different priorities compared to my preferences in games. which is more than okay, but larian invests on players being able to do whatever they want even to the detriment of the narrative while i would happily sacrifice freedom for a stronger narrative. the fandom is driving me up a goddamn wall with gale discourse of all things, somehow...