A place to display the non-Bamchel art I've commissioned from others!

  1. Rachel (Tower of God)
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Rachel (Tower of God)

Artist: corellevairel [Tumblr | Twitter]

A perfect meow meow! I love her expression so much! Such a pathetic and uncomfortable smile with hints of pleading. The true esssence of Rachel!

Artist: accel [Twitter | Vgen]

A Skeb-style pixel commission with a bonus doodle. Rachel came out so cute! Look at her with her all happy with her hoard of stars... 🥺

Artist: shika [Twitter | Vgen]

How cute she looks in this style is almost absurd! I want to pinch her cheeks...


Artist: corellevairel [Tumblr | Twitter]

I commissioned this as a sort of a farewell to Final Fantasy XIV. As much as I had many issues with XIV, I did (and still) love my silly catgirl Sela (aka Cellophane). It was really nice to see her rendered so cutely!

Artist: ladysiryna [Tumblr]

Chinhands as I stare lovingly at this piece. I'm absolutely in love with Siryna's style and was so ecstatic to see one of my fave FGO (and Type-Moon in general) girlies rendered in it! I love Yu Meiren so much!!