Hymmnos' Version History

Ver. 1.0

You can really see my love of Tumblr redux theme edits here lol. My preference for having my layouts occupy 500-ish or so pixels in a column is also inherited from Tumblr. Something about that style just feels right to my brain!

A live demonstration of ver. 1.0 can be seen with my Shiroumasa catalyst below! ❤️

Ver. 2.0

My singular layout thus far to avoid my love of reducing everything but the main page to one column. (Two columns is very innovative and exciting!) Making responsive code is a pain when you are also not a very visually creative person to start with...

Ver. 3.0

An experimental time! I figured out how to use a script for pop ups and went perhaps a bit mental with the power.

Defunct Pages

Shiroumasa Catalyst

My Shiroumasa catalyst. ❤️ With the power of coding while drunk, I made this to show my devotion to a fictional character whose pngs I wanted to roll in my pet gacha game--and it worked.

(He's NP6 and has all of my love put into him. I love you, Emiya Shirou!!)