1. Background [edited by me].
  2. Graphics / graphics.
  3. Isotope filtering.
  4. Links expanding on hover.
  5. Links floating on hover.
  6. Pixels / pixels / pixels.
  7. Pop up.
  8. Scrollbar generator.
  9. Selection color.
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  1. 404 Page: a screencap of Yu Meiren and the Prince of Lanling taken from the Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt manga; transparent made by me.
  2. Blog Icons: screencaps of Tsugumi from the Orient manga.
  3. Homepage: official artist for the Tower of God anime; transparent of Rachel and Bam made by me.
  4. Navigation Icon: a screencap of Rachel taken from the Tower of God anime.
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Gifs Made By Me

  1. About Page: Tamamovitch Koyanskaya, Fate/Grand Order.
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Hymmnos button.

If you would like to link me, this is my button! It was very kindly made by my friend Syn over at Eternia! (Peep her fic recs!!)