Things I Like

Short-form entries on, well...things I like! These aren't intended as recommendations, but as a hey, this is a thing I enjoy that I can force myself not to write hundreds of words on. (So, that's what separates this page from my Thoughts page!) This is also partly a reference for myself and a self-indulgent exercise in yaaaay organization. The feelings I attribute to anything are a part of that!

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geraffes are so dumb.
A Redditor has a strong response to the downvotes they receive when criticizing a picture of a dumb geraffe trying to eat a painting.
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Still makes me fucking lose, oh my god. Stupid long horses...
An MMD video using models from the game El Shaddai. It is an experience.
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Hi, I'm one of five people who bought El Shaddai on PS3! It's legacy in my brain for all these years is primarily this video. Something about it just makes me lose it.
Hosts pre-patched fan-translated, hacked, etc. ROMs of retro games.
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The best! I love just scrolling through and seeing new-to-me, old-ass JRPGs. An absolutely wonderful resource.
Various Contributors
Open-source scripts that enforce privacy and security on Windows, macOS, and Linux!
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Good! Useful! Reclaim your privacy from Microsoft/Apple/etc.'s greedy hands!
Aliucord Team
A modification of the Discord Android app that permits the use of themes and plugins.
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How I do Discord on my phone! Really nice and still uses the older UI so it isn't godawful stupid Discord stop trying to make me live this life. It even handles going from the front screen to the main screen and back on my Galaxy Fold way better than the official app. My only complaint is that themes don't seem to account for foldable phones, so the background is always a little distorted on either screen for me, but it's still pretty and is just for me, so I'm living with it!
BetterDiscord Team
Adds the use of themes and plugins that expand Discord's features.
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If you are also a bit desktop user like me, then I definitely rec it for the added functionality, but also...getting to customize a theme and make the interface more pleasant on your eyes specifically is so nice too. *^____^*
NaNoWriMo Diaper Fetish Mod Drama
FFA nonnie
A tale of sockpuppet love and death in the ownership of a diaper fetish site in a NaNoWriMo mod, and the other NaNoWriMo mod who has beef with the diaper fetish mod and got the NaNoWriMo forums nuked in the process.
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Scroll down a few comments to get to the full write up. It is kind of bonkers insane additional details to the NaNoWriMo meltdown I only tangentially heard about.
Mihon contributers
A manga reader for Android devices. Inheritor to Tachiyomi.
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Nice and organized and wonderfully convenient to read manga through. It syncs with Anilist and other tracking sites. There's a few other Tachiyomi forks still kicking if you look around, too.
OMORI || rolling girl
An Omori fan animation set to a cover of Rolling Girl by wowaka.
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I love this cover of Rolling Girl, and it fits gorgeously for Sunny. If you've played Omori, please give it a watch!
Sonic Evades His Taxes
The IRS can't catch Sonic. He's the fastest thing alive!
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Every day you learn something new about Sonic, like how Chao have an accessory black market apparently.
"A place where people can post dramatic and controversial stories, events and situations within their specific circles, usually consisting of events others may not have heard of."
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I spend too much checking out the scuffles thread...