Well, that's a vague title. Isn't this whole site some sort of manifestation of my thoughts?

You aren't wrong! But here's where I store and categorize them on fiction. I've struggled to define it what this section represents better. I toyed with "reviews" or "opinion corner" (the latter courtesy of my best friend), but those aren't quite right. Nothing here, under any subcategory, is a review or even necessarily a recommendation. I might be very harsh on something and have channel all of my salt in ways that aren't nuanced or kind. Everything here is completely subjective even if my language might be hyperbolic at times.

Singular entries might contain a coherent, structured essay on why I feel the way I do. They also could easily be a series of rambling bullet points as I struggle to string one thought into the next. The point of this section is to simply store my thoughts in a more permanent fashion; I enjoy being able to revisit what I thought and felt about something in the past, whether to refresh myself on the details or gawk at how much my opinion may have changed.

These are just my thoughts. Have a look if you like!

Please keep in mind:

  1. Spoilers will be styled like this. Highlight or hover over the text to reveal it. While I try to have spoilers marked, please consider this entire section of Hymmnos to have a blanket spoiler warning.

  2. As stated above, everything stated here is subjective. These are my personal opinions. You may love something that I don't!

  3. Much like the rest of Hymmnos, this section is intended to be viewed by other adults. Sensitive or explicit content may be alluded to or outright stated.

Proceed to thoughts.