1. Please be 18+ to interact. Hymmnos isn't nsfw, but it is adult.

  2. Sensitive content will not be individually marked across the site, so please take this as a blanket warning.

  3. I enjoy dark themes in fiction and in fandom (e.g. dead dove, whump).

  4. I ship a variety of unhealthy dynamics, including incest, age gap, and abuse.


Rachel and Bam from Tower of God touching hands and smiling with two hearts above them.

June 14, 2023 Blog post.

June 8, 2023 Blog post. Added new listing. Links page updated.

May 29, 2023 Blog post.

May 24, 2023 New page over in the creations section that is basically just a weird dump of Bamchel shit.

May 23, 2023 Links page update.

May 19, 2023 New blog icons and some coding changes.

May 18, 2023 Blog post.

May 14, 2023 Changed up the creations page. Should be much cleaner now, and I finally got around to archiving my media threads from this year and last year. (Having Tumblr temporarily terminate my account spooked me!)

May 9, 2023 Slight CSS tweak because I realized things looked a bit funky on my phone. Wish I could get the pop ups to perfectly be center aligned, but this is good enough.

May 8, 2023 Was experimenting with some scripts and mostly figured out how to make them work, so I couldn't control myself, and thus...ver. 3.0 just...happened. Should all be good, but chances are something probably went wrong as I converted each page over lmao.

May 2, 2023 Quick edit to the FFXIV page because I totally blanked on mentioning Ardbert! Slight grammar edit to the changelog page, as well.

May 1, 2023 My horribly long thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV in memoriam to me being done with it.

April 27, 2023 A lot of shit. I'm working on trying to deploy the site via Github, too.

April 6, 2023 Small tweaks to the css. Trying to keep an aesthetic I like, but also trying to make things a bit more immediately legible. Slight addition to the non-fic section of the creations page with a pic of ver. 1.0 of the site.

March 29, 2023 Various small things.

March 8, 2023 Blog post.

February 11, 2023 Slight addition to the links page, as well as a little reorganization of it.

February 6, 2023 Slight CSS and image tweaks. New additions to the links section: layout & site templates and other webdev resources.

February 2, 2023 New blog post!

February 1, 2023 All new layout! Hymmnos 2.0... Some links and whatnot will be broken for a bit while I still migrate everything over.


A Wish to the World

This is Hymmnos, a place probably full of questionable things. I like to talk here about my opinions and whatnot on fandom things (anime/manga, books, JRPGs/WRPGs, etc.), shipping nonsense, and writing. Basically, I am scooping out my brain matter and slapping it out in front of you so you can gawk at it.


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