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Button-less Fansites & Personal Sites

Accord's Library A fansite for all of Yoko Taro's body of work, seeking to gather and archive as much of it as possible.
Boxer & Rice Often very nsfw Dragon Ball Z fansite largely dedicated to DBZ BL. I was giddy to see a Kuwabara/Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho) doujin on here of all things!
Darkness Rising Vintage! A truly vintage fansite! Last updated in 2014 and still sporting a layout from 1998. I love it.
Gamera ♪(´▽`)
Goten Boner Extremely nsfw and full of explicit Dragon Ball Z fanworks. I mostly just think the url is hysterical and need to ensure I don't forget it.
Marinehaddock ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Nerve Tower A fansite for the game Baroque.
Noire Sensus A 2005-era fansite still online! There's a lot of old anime/manga and video game fic to peek at.
Thotcrimes ♪(´▽`)

Layouts & Site Templates & So On

Bear Blog A free blogging service, lightweight and with a focus on user privacy.
Dldr ♪(´▽`)
Drawcia ╰(*°▽°*)╯)
Eggramen ♪(´▽`)
Fool Lovers Click "template" at the top and then one of the categories on the right. If you aren't mtl'ing the page, the top three options are: responsive, inline frame, and frame.
Nekoweb A free static website hosting service with a cute kitty theme!
Neofeed It is a personal timeline (like Twitter) for Neocities and Github pages.
Pomelo ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Rarebit Intended for use with webcomics.
Repth ♪(´▽`)
Sadgrl: Layouts & layout builder.
Xandra ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Zonelets A simple interface for blogging!

Web Development

32-Bit Cafe A list of resources curated by 32-Bit Cafe.
Flexbox visual cheatsheet & grid visual cheatsheet ♪(´▽`)
Flexbox Froggy & Grid Garden Cute little games for learning to code flexboxes and grids!
Exactly what it says it is! There is also CSS, Java, etc.
Htmldog Htmldog was ridiculously helpful in helping me understand the very basics of HTML and CSS. I can't recommend it enough if you are just starting with learning how to code.
A handy-dandy site listing popular media queries.
Responsinator Helpful for seeing how your site looks on a variety of devices all on one page!
RSSGuide A guide to adding an RSS feed to a Neocities site.
Scripted Hosts a variety of helpful resources.
Three Common Accessibility Problems and How to Fix Them "This page will show you how to fix three very common accessibility problems on personal sites!"
Visual Studio Code The program I use for coding. Use the live preview extension to be able to see how changes look each time you save a file. I'm super reliant on it because I am not a terribly visual person!
W3 Schools A fantastic and comprehensive resource.
WordHTML Converts and cleans text (and text files) into html!

Web Thoughts

32-Bit Cafe A collective of internet enthusiasts of varying skill levels who feel strongly about the indie web. Also features resources!
Finding the Old Web De-commercialized and personalized internet experiences!
How Everyone Lost Their Mind…Except You "[T]his entire system that has revolutionized the way we consume and share information, has a natural tilt towards extremism, but not just any extremism. It pushes us towards the extremes of what ever ideas we are personally most likely to believe."
I'm a fucking webmaster Everyone tends to link this, so I might as well too! It's cute, and I genuinely love seeing people run their own little sites!
Old CSS, New CSS "I'm here to tell all of you to get off my lawn. Here's a history of CSS and web design, as I remember it."
The Small Website Discoverability Crisis "There are a lot of small websites on the Internet: Interesting websites, beautiful websites, unique websites. Unfortunately they are incredibly hard to find."
Your Website Needs to Work on Phones "Get over yourself and accept that your website needs to work on phones."

& Else

3DS Hacks Guide This is the super-easy-to-follow guide for getting cfw on your 3DS! Trust me, if I can do it, you definitely can too! There's tons of cool old games that you can emulate well on your 3DS that will play comfortably and portably.
BreezeWiki Make those horrible Fandom wiki pages readable. BreezeWiki removes all the ads and videos and other spammy bullshit.
EverythingMoe A huge curated listing of anime streaming sites, manga reading sites, and much more relevant to a weeb sailing the high seas.
Fate/Stay Night (Realta Nua) - Ultimate Edition The best way to play FSN on a modern computer! While it is based on the Realta Nua release, this will set you up to play with h-scenes restored like in the original release (and even with uncensored artwork!).
FMHY Absolutely ginormous collection of tools and links to pirate well and safely.
The Gnostic Archive Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic tradition. There's an extensive library hosting Gnostic texts, like the famous Nag Hammadi library.
IsThereAnyDeal An aggregate site that tracks PC game deals from authorized online stores.
JRPGC A community for JRPG fans with a really nice index of many JRPGs that I want to plunder for new games to play.
Marginalia A search engine for the indie web. It's weird to see your own site pop up on it.
My Abandonware A robust collection of abandonware to peruse and download.
Read Tsukihime Got a craving for a 2000s visual novel as jank as it is compelling? Curious about what Type-Moon did before Fate/Stay Night blew up? Have no clue what I'm talking about but are feeling a bit compelled to click the link? Well, go there for instructions on how to play the original Tsukihime! It's long since become abandonware, so it's totally legal! Just bear in mind that Tsukihime is an eroge!
Weird Al Mpreg It is uh...dedicated to the theory that Weird Al Yankovic is pregnant. I love this website with all my heart and often check it.