Sites that friends run or I just think are neat!

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Layouts & Site Templates

  1. Dldr.
  2. Drawcia.
  3. Eggramen.
  4. Fool Lovers. Click "template" at the top and then one of the categories on the right. If you aren't mtl'ing the page, the top three options are: responsive, inline frame, and frame.
  5. Pomelo.
  6. Rarebit. Intended for use with webcomics.
  7. Repth.
  8. Sadgrl: layouts & layout builder.
  9. Xandra.
  10. Zonelets. A simple interface for blogging!

Web Development

Web Thoughts

  1. Finding the Old Web. De-commercialized and personalized internet experiences!
  2. I'm a fucking webmaster. Everyone tends to link this, so I might as well too! It's cute, and I genuinely love seeing people run their own little sites!

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